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#Staylocal Germany

You don't have to travel far to step out of your daily routine and reconnect with nature again. Visiting a campspace is contact-free. In this way, we all support the local economy and limit our footprint. Discover this new way of camping.

Are you looking for a stay for the real German Christmas market? Or just to go on holiday to Germany for a while? Then you are on the right page. Here you will find the largest and most diverse camping spots in Germany. Whether you want to sleep in a tent, a tree house, a camper or a yurt.

Camping experience in Germany

Germany has many things that you still have to try. The curry sausage, the mulled wine, flammkuchen, a brezel or the Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte. All delicious treats that can also be found at the Christmas market. You can always approach your host for where you can get them. There are more things you can ask your host. In German, if you can, but also of course in English or in sign language with your hands.

The environment of Germany

Nature in Germany is also very beautiful. From large mountains and forests to long rivers and great lakes. Pass the Harz National Park full of forests and hiking areas. Or take a look at the Berchtesgaden National Park where you can go up and visit a super clear lake. There are many more parks that you can visit if you are a true lover of nature.

The area around your Campspace is often completely full of greenery to get the real camping experience. Some even so much that it seems like you are camping off grid. Find your ideal German camping spot here and discover what Germany can offer you when it comes to peace, nature and yourself.

Still looking for a country other than Germany? Then look at the Campspaces that we offer in Netherlands, France or Belgium! By camping by local landlords it is possible to reconnect with yourself and nature. You don't have to travel far for this experience. Discover this new way of camping.

We advise all landlords and campers who show disease symptoms to postpone travel plans or receiving guests.

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