Spotting wild animals in your garden

You have a garden, so it is very likely that it is visited by all kinds of wild animals. Birds, butterflies, insects, we all know them. But what other wild animals can you spot in your garden?

The most common animals to spot in the garden are small birds, bees and wasps, butterflies, ants and spiders. Of course, we all know these animals. But there are also animals that are less often seen and also do not appear in every garden. So what other animal species can been seen in the garden?

Trundling and rustling in the garden. Is it a burglar? No worries, it's probably a wood- or field mouse. They can run, climb and jump like the best and they are super fast. Mice live in burrows, so they are diggers too. These clever rodents can really hide anywhere.
Mice eat worms, insects, flower buds, roots and the greenery of certain plants. They usually collect food in their hole, but if they have too much food they usually hide it outside under a layer of earth.

A garden can be a huge food source for a hedgehog, which is why they are often spotted in gardens. Hedgehogs always look for snails, beetles and caterpillars to eat, which is also an advantage for your garden. The "green" garden is therefore the perfect place, because in a garden with a lot of pavement, these prey animals do not occur.

Squirrels prefer to live in a wooded area, where they find their food the easiest. But also in the city, with few trees, squirrels can visit you and your garden. These animals often go outside their comfort zone and really do everything to get some food. Squirrels prefers to eat acorns, walnuts and hazelnuts. But because this food is not available all year round, they are a bit less fussy and also eat berries, mushrooms, caterpillars or even bird eggs.

Bats are not a bird species and they are certainly not flying mice. They belong to a separate group of mammals, the only group that can actually fly. This makes it the ideal insect catcher for your garden, so less flies and mosquitoes that will annoy you. In an evening / night a bat can catch up to thousands of insects and you will notice that difference. No candle or spray can will match that. 

Bats don't fly in your hair. They may fly very close to you, but they will not hit you. They are much smarter than that. With their flawless echolocation, they can avoid the smallest obstacles.

So, now you know which animals can visit your garden, you can really spot them. Fun to do together with the kids or just relaxing on your own.

Of course you don't have to do this all by yourself. One of the world's most popular nature apps is iNaturalist. This app not only helps you to recognize animal species around you, it also knows many plant species.

Explore your garden and share your observations!