Outdoor activities

Looking for an active weekend? Try one of our campspaces that are close to places where you can do outdoor activities. Whether you like climbing, mountainbiking, hiking or kayaking, around these campspaces you'll find more than enough to do.

Looking for some sporty activities during camping? 

Planning on camping? We understand that beside camping you also want to go out and visit places.  But what about activities like walking through nature reserves, bike riding through the mountains or kayaking through lakes. At these small campings you can go for some sporty activities and have a nice and special place to stay the night. The perfect combination to be wonderfully active and still get your peace and quiet.

Activities in nature

Go on an adventure by bike, canoe, kayak, surfboard, tandem, on foot or whatever you want! Discover the area, which is already one of the simplest, but also the most fun activities. At many of these campspaces you can also swim in a swimming pool, swimming pond or a clear lake. There are also often organizations nearby that offer activities such as survival, paintball, golf or laser gaming. So whatever you are looking for as activities, you will find it on this page.

Want to read more about other people's adventures? You can find them on the #staylocal platform we've started to inspire others. Because we believe you don't have to fly to Bali to experience a real adventure: the adventures await us just around the corner! 

Reconnect outside! 

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