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Off-the-grid camping in Great-Britain on special camping spots.

Off-the-grid camping in Great-Britain on special camping spots.

Wild camping through whole Great-Britain on a different way than normal? Camping on meadows and for example on the beach. Discover a new way of camping on the private terrain of one of our hosts.

Off-the-grid camping in Great-Britain on special camping spots.

Wild camping, new environment, new adventure and a great experience. Especially in Great Britain it is a special experience. Even though you are not allowed to camp in the wild in most countries, through Campspace you can have that feeling. Being in the wild with locals in their large backyard. The camping pitches above have been specially selected for this. These are all places where you have so much space that you don't even notice that the host is there.

It is also called 'off grid'. You don't just feel 'off grid' with wild camping, you would almost feel 'off this world'. This is the chance to try what it's like to immerse yourself in nature. How it feels to really spend the night in nature. Whether you do this alone or together, the feeling is like no other.

Wild camping experience

Collect some wood, make your own tools, cook your food on a nice open fire or just read a good book. There is a lot you can do, but the best thing is to be busy with nature. Explore the area on foot or by bike and feel free to come and go as you please. The freedom, the peace, that's what you do it for. Nice along the river, or deep in the woods.

Discover above which magical places you want to visit!

Are you looking for something different than wild camping in Great Britain? We also have special camping spots where children will also have a great time.

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