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Micro camping: small campsites, big adventures

Experience micro camping around the world: from adventures on private land to micro camping in unusual places such as treehouses and on rooftops.

Micro camping is camping on private land, campsites with very low capacity, or in unusual places such as treehouses or rooftops. 

Find a micro campsite near you

Unlike the most practiced form of camping, micro campings are more about adventure, and most of the timeless about comfort. We do however see some forms of glamping, that also meet the requirements to be categorized as a micro campsite.

Types of micro campings

There are many forms of micro campings, one of the most upcoming types is garden camping. In this way anyone with a nice garden, big or small, can create their own micro camping.

Does my micro camping fit?

If you want to add your micro camping but you are unsure whether you meet the criteria, feel free to contact us by sending us an email to But feel free to simply submit your campsite if it meets these criteria:

  • Your micro camping capacity is below 20 spaces
  • It's located in an unusual place, or simply has a great view
  • It's a unique creation such as a treehouse, igloo, or whatever your creative mind has produced

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