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Micro Camping: Small Campsites, Big Adventures

Micro Camping: Small Campsites, Big Adventures

Experience micro camping around the world: from adventures on private land to micro camping in unusual places such as treehouses and on rooftops.

Micro Camping: Small Campsites, Big Adventures

Mini camping is a niche solution for those who want to camp but prefer a more minimal camping set-up and to sleep on more comfortable surfaces. Mini camping is diverse with its possibilities! Travelers can camp on private land, campsites with very low capacity, or in unusual places such as tree houses or rooftops.

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Unlike the most practiced form of camping, micro camping is more about adventure and comfort. There are many forms of micro campings and we do see some forms of glamping as micro camping as well. Among the many forms, one of the most common ones is garden camping. Anyone with a nice garden, big or small, can create their own micro camping

If you want to dip your toes into the camping world pond, micro camping is a great start. Micro campers, also known as camping trailers, are designed to be towed by smaller cars and they are arguably a more “lightweight” travel option in terms of minimal camping setup. Furthermore, this is an extremely easy way of camping as you have most gear within arm's length. This camping method invites multiple possibilities for travelers to spend time outdoors while not having to let go of comfort.

How do I start Mini Camping? 

Firstly, find your ideal location. There are treasures waiting for your arrival in multiple areas of the Netherlands alone! Find the distance and type of nature and scenery that best suits you. If you seek peace, a place like Drowenerveen, Drenthe could be an option. Why not surround yourself with luscious greenery, flowers, and wild grass, nothing but you and your book? Or if you enjoy a little more life, add chickens to the picture and sleep among them in Wolphaartsdijk, Zeeland. Wherever you choose to be, allow the activities you wish to do, to fit that setting. Look through our vibrant list of mini camping sites available right now, book, and confirm.

Secondly, know your mini camper. There are various types of mini campers for sale, for rent, already available at the campsite, and perhaps even your current van can be transformed into one. Know what you want to bring as your home away from home in relation to how many people you’re traveling with and how you want to live in nature. From pull-out beds to adjustable chairs and tables, your mini camping experience can be just as adventurous as hiking up a mountain with a 30kg backpack through the forest.

Lastly, enjoy. There are no specific rules to mini camping just as there are no specific rules to having fun, enjoying peace, and spending time out in nature. Practice basic safety requirements, respect policies, and allow yourself to enjoy the important time out in nature. Check out our hosts’ list of possible activities you can do in the area and come prepared if you wish to do more. Let comfort meet adventure by reconnecting outside, with yourself, and with the people around you.

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