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Follow the adventures of our Campspace scouts

Get to know our scouts! This full-time traveling family of 3 explore the world as much as they can.

This summer we are sending our own selected scouts to all our small campings. Just to visit or to recruit new Campspaces. They are a great group of very enthusiastic photographers that will make sure all the small camping spots will be photographed and reviewed. Curious? Get to know our scouts and follow their adventures. 


This full-time traveling family of 3 explore the world as much as they can. "We see the world as one big playground; travel to wonderful places to enjoy other cultures and lifestyles and we are exploring our path to becoming global citizens."

In the last week of March they visited two of our unique Campspaces. First, they spent the night at a beautiful spot in the northern parts of Italy overlooking the Alps. They were greeted warmly by Lucia and her family. Curious what this Campspace looks like and read their review? Check the Campspace here.

After Italy they cruised to France in their camper, where they stayed for 2 nights at Christine's 'Secret Garden'. They enjoyed the amazing views, the animals and (of course) the French cuisine. Do you also want to camp at this unique spot? Check the space here


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