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Camping on luxurious camping spots in the Netherlands.

Camping on luxurious camping spots in the Netherlands.

Don't feel like setting up your own tent? These hosts are offering camping spots where the tent or cabin will already be set up. Just enjoy nature and the surroundings.

Camping on luxurious camping spots in the Netherlands.

The accommodations you will find on this page are like no other. A completely new camping experience! These luxurious camping spots in the Netherlands each have their own luxurious features. Imagine waking up among the trees in a tree house, spending the night romantically with your partner in a gypsy wagon or playing games with friends in a wooden cabin. Not only your camping spot is luxuriously furnished, the facilities you will find, can also be very nice. A nice jacuzzi or a swimming pool, a hot shower and perhaps a private toilet.

Luxury Camping in the Netherlands

The fact that almost everyone speaks English also provides extra convenience and peace of mind. But in addition, nature in the Netherlands is certainly worthwhile to walk or cycle through. In winter or summer, that doesn't matter. Depends on what you want to do or what you like. For example, go camping in the autumn for a very 'orange' camping feeling. In winter for a cozy camping feeling and in the summer for the nice swimming weather. From your yurt, cabin, tent, gypsy wagon or caravan you immediately step into the wide nature! 

Activities in the Netherlands

Since your stay is already fully arranged, you have enough time for other activities. You can of course also stretch out in a garden chair, but there is plenty to do in the vicinity of a Campspace. For example, go canoeing, kayaking or just walking. Often there are also bicycles available or you can rent them somewhere, which makes a difference. Discover the nature around you, make the most of your stay. Grab a restaurant or create a culinary masterpiece yourself. Whatever you are looking for, we have it for you.

If you want to spend a little less money for a day in nature, we also have a lot unique budget camping spots. Is a luxury accommodation not what you are looking for and are you looking for the back to basic wild camping experience?

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