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How do I describe my Campspace?

Through your description the potential guest can get a good understanding of what your Campspace has to offer.

Through your description the potential guest can get a good understanding of what your Campspace has to offer. It’s important to involve both the actual camping spot as well as the surroundings. Also, think of what you would like to know if you were visiting a Campspace. Please keep the following tips in mind when creating a description:

  • The type of Campspace and its surroundings. For example, grass, asphalt, sand, hills, mountains, beach, etc.
  • Things to do in the area; biking tours, winery, swimming, etc.
  • Name famous sites or attractions in your area.

Make sure to not just create a bullet list with what your Campspace has to offer, but write it into an easy and creative little storyline, e.g.:

The city of Leiden is only a 15 minute drive away and is a vibrant city between beach and polder. Besides the many museums, there is also a biking tour or climb the famous ‘Burcht’ downtown. Also, the polders and beach are perfect for a nice walk or a biking tour. There are also plenty of restaurants to have something to drink or eat.

Do you already have a tent, camper, caravan or yurt on site? Clearly describe where your guest will be sleeping. What does it look like and what do they have to bring on their own? For example, sheets or towels.

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