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How do I create the best photos for my Campspace?

We've put together some tips to photograph your Campspace the in the best way.

Guests value good photos. The pictures strongly affect the decision about whether or not guests will book your Campspace. Campspaces with great pictures have a bigger chance of bookings. Please make sure that the photos vary enough. 

Firstly some basic tips:

  • Take the pictures during the day and with sunny weather.
  • Clean up the space and make sure everything looks clean and neat.
  • Flip your phone before taking a picture - take a horizontal photo.
  • Don’t take a close-up, make sure we can see as much as possible in one picture.
Campspace Peter

Is there already a tent, camper, caravan, treehouse, or yurt on location? Please make sure that one picture shows the inside.

Other tips:

  • Make sure the furniture looks fun, both in- and outside.
  • Open the curtains and turn on the lights.
  • Create a cozy atmosphere. For example: put some flowers in a vase or make a campfire.

Pro tip: Take a picture of the view from the tent, yurt or treehouse. In that way, guests know what they will see when they spend the night at your Campspace.


Use photos to create a great impression of the surrounding area. A couple of examples:

  • Pictures of activities or sights from your description.
  • That beautiful spot to watch the sunset, which is only a few minutes' walk from the tent.
  • The outside kitchen with pizza oven.
  • The bustling market in the village on a Saturday morning.

It's very important to make sure that every picture shows something different. Together with the description, this will give a clear understanding of the potential guest of what they can expect.

Besides, it's also important that the quality of the pictures is as good as possible. So please make sure to use a good camera and take high-resolution pictures.

Campspace Scout Program
In 2019 Campspace started the Scout Program. We will send (at Campspace's expense) a scout to photograph your Campspace in exchange for a night of free camping. In addition to photography, the scout also provides a review about your camping site. Do you want your place to be scouted too? Sign Up!


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