Yay! Your Campspace is ready to be scouted

Scouts can register to scout and photograph your campspace. What should you do? Nothing at all! We will send you a scout to your campspace for free. We ask you to let them camp for free for one night on your campspace. 

A scout will send you a message through the scout-app requesting an overnight date. You will receive this message the same as a regular reservation with additional comment that it comes from a scout. As host you do not have to download an application.

Visit scout: step by step

1. Receipt of scout in your reservations.

2. You agree a date for the visit with the scout. Never received guests before? Check out this guide for receiving guests .

3. The scout will visit your campspace on the agreed date with a camera and camping equipment (and in consultation with you they will take 1 person with them).

4. The scout is on a micro-adventure on your campspace. The scout camps and takes pictures of his or her adventure. In addition to cool photography, the scout can also write a nice review of your campspace.

5. The scout leaves the next day.

6. The scout sends the photography and the review of your place to Campspace.

7. The most beautiful photos are selected and uploaded to your account.

8. You will be notified when the review and the photos on your ad can be admired.

Scouts and guests are looking for something trustworthy.

The scouts and guests visit camping places with people in their private territory. This is a completely different experience than visiting a huge campsite with a reception. That is why writing a short description plus profile picture of you as a hostess / gentleman is desirable. Below you will find a nice example of such a description.

Edit your description plus profile photo here

Questions or feedback? Mail us at host@campspace.com.