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Hammock proof

You want to relax, to find your inner peace and you are thinking of your next vacation. What about camping while lying on a hummock, enjoying the fresh air and watching the blue sky? Europe has plenty of special camping spots suitable for hammock camping.

More and more people are discovering camping in a hammock, and for good reason.

After a day of cycling or walking, a hammock is an ideal tool to oversee your day and recharge yourself for your next adventure. Few things are more comfortable than a hammock. Even when you are stressed or have problems with your neck or back, a hammock is a solution. Forget the hard mattresses, because a hammock adapts completely to your body.

A hammock is like a cocoon, safe from anything on the ground.

In addition to the fact that camping in a hammock is incredibly relaxing and comfortable, it is also safer than sleeping on the ground. In a hammock, you are assured that no insects will sneak into your safe cocoon. You seem like you are floating and protected by everything from the outside world. Put yourself to sleep without worrying about a stiff neck or back. To really ensure a good night's sleep, you can put a mat in your hammock for extra insulation and hang a mosquito net over the hammock against falling insects from the trees!


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