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Frequently asked questions by hosts

How does Campspace work?

It's very easy. In a few minutes you can rent your property for free as a Campspace. As soon as your advertisement is finished, campers can send you a booking request. If you have accepted this, a payment request goes to the campers. Protecting your safety and privacy is very important for us and that is why it is important that you always communicate via the Campspace website. Payments from campers must also be made via the platform. Once the campers have stayed with you, we transfer the money to your bank account.

Is my property suitable for Campspace?

Our campers are looking for unique micro camping experiences. You can find many different types of micro camping in our community, like yurts, teepees, treehouses, cabins, etc.

You decide where you want the campers to sleep on your Campspace. It can be it their own tent/caravan/motorhome, but it can also be in one of yours. So the only requirement is that you have space where people can camp.

We are already working with other booking websites, why should we consider Campspace?

We think Campspace is unique because unlike other booking websites, micro camping sites are curated by a group of devoted campers who live for adventure, selecting only the most spectacular nature and urban camping experiences worldwide for you to enjoy.

Campers trust Campspace to provide unique experiences they can’t find elsewhere, presented to them in a well designed, user-friendly interface which takes the hassle and uncertainty out of booking adventures.

We have our own booking system, how can we avoid double-bookings?

A booking is only processed once a host accepts it. Additionally, each listing has a calendar which hosts can update manually. In this way, hosts are able to ensure that double-bookings are avoided.

Do I have to pay for offering a space or advertising on your website?

Absolutely not! It’s free to join our community and you’re not locked into a contract. 
We only charge a small fee to guests booking your space, this helps us to develop the platform. Hosts do not pay any fees.

How can I offer several places?

To offer several places, we ask the hosts to create a separate listing per Campspace. Each place is a unique Campspace and therefore deserves to be described separately. 

What is the standard commission you charge campers?

A booking through Campspace is a transaction between the host and the camper. For the maintenance of our platform we charge a commission on the camper's transaction. This consists of a small fixed amount to cover external costs such as a safe and reliable payment service provider. In addition, we hold 7% of the total transaction amount for covering our internal costs.

Can your website process different currencies?

Currently our website only lists prices in EURO (€). When a booking is made and the transaction is confirmed - it will be paid to the banking account of the host. If the bank of the host charges a fee for receiving the transaction (and possibly converting into other currencies), these costs are borne by the host. In the future, our aim is to support multiple currencies.

Is it possible to charge a deposit in case of damages?

We want to ensure our hosts are covered in case of damages. For this reason, we provide hosts with the Campspace Host Insurance Plan (CHIP). If you are entitled for CHIP, your properties are covered up to €1.000.000 per incident. See this link to learn more about CHIP.

When do I receive my money?

The money is transferred into the host's banking account the next day after the camper leaves the space.

What is your cancellation policy for campers and for the hosts?

If a camper cancels at least 30 days before the arrival date, they will receive a full refund (minus Campspace fee). If the camper cancels within the 30 days before the arrival date, there will be no refund. If a camper books a Campspace within the 30 days before the arrival date, it is not possible to cancel it with receiving refunds. There can always be exceptional situations. In these cases, consult with Campspace to determine a solution. A host can cancel a booking by contacting Campspace directly. From there we will follow up to discuss a solution.

Can we speak with campers before accepting a booking?

Absolutely! When a camper contacts you regarding a booking, you will be able to communicate with them using Campspace’s built in messaging system. You can also check out their profile to get a better insight.

Will Campspace take care of reviews and feedback?

Campspace encourages both hosts and campers to provide reviews and feedback of their experiences, helping build trust and accountability through our platform. 

Ook iets toevoegen dat het in ontwikkeling is en snel op het platform komt?

What about sanitation?

No worries, there are many easy solutions! Read our blog about it.

I live in the middle of nowhere and can only be reached by dirt roads, can I still host?

Yes of course, remote places are awesome. Just make sure everything is made clear on your listing. Like: accessibility (which vehicles can reach the Campspace safely. Is there sell service and what are the procedures in case of emergencies. Make sure there is signage along the way so that it is clear where to go.

How do I delete a listing?

To delete a Campspace please send an e-mail to Don't forget to mention the title of your Campspace. We would like to know your reasons for stop hosting.