Five tips for working from home

Are you also working from home? We’re doing it for a very good purpose, but it definitely takes some time getting used to! The temptation to do some laundry is of course high, but with these 5 tips you can really start working productively from home.

Make sure to keep a rhythm in your daily life. Get up around the same time every day, schedule your breaks, and have lunch around a set time. This way you know where you stand, and so does your employer.
In addition, make sure that you put on normal clothes every day so that you can start the day fresh. Imagine getting up during a Skype meeting and they see that you are still wearing your pajama pants…

Of course not outdoors, in large groups. But it is and remains important to socialize with your colleagues, as you normally do in the workplace. Communication in these times is key, and that includes small talk.

Make sure you create a clear and structured workplace for yourself. Keep your desk tidy, avoid distractions, and have everything at hand. Making tea five times an hour or throwing a load of laundry in the dryer will become a little more difficult to do in between.

Clear Agreements|
Make clear agreements with your team. Schedule a video call meeting every morning so that you can discuss they day together. This way everyone knows where they stand and no misunderstandings arise.

Fresh air
In addition, also plan a moment of “fresh air” for yourself. Even if it is only a short walk away, fresh air makes wonders. On that way way you stay sharp during work and you don’t get glued to your desk.

 To everyone working from home at this time: good luck, keep up the good work, and hopefully we can be back in the office with all our colleagues in due time