Five games during your staycation

It is better for everyone to stay at home for the moment. We have listed the favourite outdoor games of the Campspace team. Perfect for your staycation. No (large) garden? No problem, some games can also be played indoors.

The animal game
A game that you only need your knowledge of animals for! Nice game if you are all around a campfire. The first player calls an animal, for example “panda”. The next player must name an animal starting with the last letter of the previous animal. In this case the “a” – so you can say “ant” for example. When someone no longer knows an animal, he or she is out. You win if you remain last.

Wild Cow
Want to see this boy in real life?

Inverted hide and seek
Everyone has played it: Hide and seek! But have you ever played the reverse version? Someone starts hiding and the rest goes looking for him. When one of the seekers finds the person in hiding, they don’t say anything and just sit down. This goes on until everyone has found the person hiding. The very first person to find them hides in the next game. Note to the person hiding: make sure you find a place where the rest of players can also sit.

You may have seen it in the park: Kubb! That game with the wooden blocks, sticks, and the king in the middle. Quite complicated but a lot of fun. Both players have 5 blocks on the back line and the king is placed in the middle. You try to knock over your opponent’s blocks with the sticks. Once you have knocked over all the blocks of your opponent, you can try to knock over the kind. But be careful, only then! If you knock over the king before, you’ve lost. Check here for more detail on how the game works.

A real classic that should not be missing from our favourites. Boules, or in French “petanque” (literally: tied feet) you play in teams of two (doublette) or three (triplette) players. Each team member has 2 or 3 balls and tries to throw them as close as possible to the but, the small wooden ball. Any ball closer to the but than the other team’s closest ball will score 1 point. A game ends when one team has earned 13 points.

This Dutch throwing game is played in two teams (or just by two players). The team or player who first scores 21 points wins the game. Watch out because your points can be undone by your opponent.