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Farm Campsites

Looking for farm campsites? Below is a list of our farm campsites for you to enjoy!

Farm campsites

Imagine waking up among curious alpaca’s, happy cows or lively chicken! Experience true farm life and if you really want to, wake up when the farm wakes up (which is quite early). With the sun rising and setting in the distance behind the trees, farm campsites can be the ultimate way to be social and have fun. 


Surround yourself with natural sounds of the farm animals walking around, grazin, birds singing, milk buckets hitting something and other things. A unique experience  you won’t forget, it’s a great idea if you want to travel with kids.


Stay cozy at some of our amazing accommodations, or bring your own tent! But make sure you allow yourself to experience the true countryside at least once! No need to sacrifice any comfort as you can choose how to travel. A farmer's campsite often guarantees coziness, a rich local experience as small scale and budget-friendly. 

Farm campings 

If you’re an animal lover, farm campings are such a fun way of spending your time! Farms are also very spacious, so there’s very activities for you to do. 

Bring your family, your kids or your travel friends and have fun playing games together, go fishing, or walk around the farm! Perhaps you’ll get a nice tour from the hosts themselves. You can customize your adventure. Want to do nothing and simply pet the cows all day? That sounds like an amazing experience! Do you seek a unique camping experience in nature and love animals? Farm campings may just be the perfect travel idea for you. 


Don’t forget that farm animals are very curious of new faces, they might watch you go about your day!


Last but not least, discover the hospitality and pleasure of camping at a farm! Are you still looking for something else? That's not a problem at all, there are camping spots on private terrain throughout Europe and even in North America

Your farm campsite adventure awaits!

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