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Easter Weekend Ideas 2022

Are you looking for Easter Weekend Ideas for 2022? Plan a weekend at one of our campspaces and enjoy your time outside.

What to do During Easter

Easter is the ideal time to spend time with your partner or your family. Especially after such a year of working from home and home schooling your children, you deserve a break. Still thinking about what to do during Easter? Go out into nature! Sheep and little lambs are playing in the meadow, the fields are full of flourishing spring flowers and the days are getting longer and longer. After months of sitting inside, you finally feel that fresh air in your lungs. The sun on your cheeks will do you good.

To enjoy being outside even more, we advise you to go camping. Take your campervan or caravan out of the garage, dust off your tent and just go. Our Campspaces are small-scale and located in the middle of nature. During the day you can go hiking or you can go on an excursion on the site. At night you can huddle close together around the campfire. Once you're in your sleeping bag at the end of the day, you'll feel the last bit of stress slip away and you'll sleep like a baby.

Tips and Tricks

To make your Easter weekend a success, we have listed a few tips for you.

  • During the Easter weekend it can still be quite cold at night. Bring enough warm clothes and a thick sleeping bag. If necessary, put some insulation material on the floor.

  • Bring pans with which you can cook on the open fire. You can make a campfire on many of our sites. Nothing more romantic than preparing your own Easter breakfast on the fire!

  • Are you camping with kids? Bring Easter eggs and hide them on the property. There is nothing better than looking for Easter eggs early in the morning in a beautiful garden.

With these Easter Weekend Ideas for 2022, your weekend will be a success! Do you prefer to not stay in a tent? Choose one of our glamping options.

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