Clean up time!

How nice is it to start spring with a tidy house? Have you watched the series "Tidying up with Marie Kondo"? It's been on Netflix for a while now, and is definitely worth watching! Marie Kondo, the Japanese tidy guru, helps people to put order in their homes and lives.

How does it work exactly?
Marie Kondo says you have to ask this with every item, does this make me happy? She always asks the question, does it give me a spark? 

1. Be critical
With a lot of stuff you probably think, I will probably need this again, or these pants will be useful next summer! Marie Kondo wants you to keep only things that are useful in your life right now. Some items have emotional value, you should definitely keep these, you can also take a photo of other items to "keep" that same feeling.

2. Planning
Marie wants you to pick out your clothes, then your shoes, then your books. She also gives a tip that you should not work per room, but per category. This will save you time or you will lose the thread.

3. Get everything out
When you have reached  a category (for example clothing), you should get everything out of the closet. One by one you look at the clothes and you have to make critical choices whether it makes you happy. If not, throw it away or put it in a bag to donate to charity.

4. Overview
Marie has very useful tips for rolling up, tidying up and folding things up. She makes rolls out of socks, so you can put them right against each other. She also does this with t-shirts, so you can clearly see which shirt is where and you do not have to mess everything up.

5. Paper
A lot of people always keep all the letters or cards  that they have ever received. But is that really necessary? Marie says you can have a 5-year term for paper. Are you not sure? Then take a picture of it and save those pictures in folders on your computer.

Watch the series on Netflix, I guarantee that you will be very calm, and especially if you want to apply it by yourself.
A quiet room is a quiet mind, so start cleaning up and enjoy spring