What to do during Corona quarantine?

Because of the coronavirus most people in Europe are in quarantine. People are working from home, schools, universities, sport clubs, restaurants and bars are closed. We do this for a very good cause, to flatten the curve.

But what can you do at home to fill up this spare time?

Campspace wouldn’t be Campspace if we wouldn’t give you some tips about activities you can do in your garden (if you have one).

1. Stay inside, camp in your own garden

Set up your tent in your own garden, start a campfire and roast some marshmallows above it. Bring your own toilet paper and enjoy the fresh air. Just like a real campcation, but in your own garden!

2. Outdoor sports

If you live with more people, organize a sports class every evening or morning. Yoga, boxing, bootcamp, these are the weeks that allow us to really work on our Summer body, and we have to use this opportunity!

Do you live alone? Take a look on the Instagram of Sportcity Steenschuur Leiden, they go live every night for a group lesson. Boks! in Leiden also does this two times a week, they give very good boxing classes, and fun to do!

No garden? No problem! Read our tips below to get that outdoor feeling inside your own home!

3. Listen to the best outdoor playlists on Spotify

https://spoti.fi/3b7oCjb and https://spoti.fi/2UjLjtR give you a complete camping feeling. Let your mind wander to coming summer, laying in your tent and enjoying the beautiful nature at one of our Campspaces…

4. Watch some outdoor series on Netflix

Have you seen the documentary ‘Holland, nature in the Delta’? This series is about the beautiful landscapes, the impressive fauna and the timeless power of nature in the lovely, green landscape of the Netherlands. 

Another tip is ‘National Parks Adventure’, a documentary from Robert Redford. He will show you the most special and beautiful national parks of the USA! 

I hope that these tips gave you some inspiration for the coming days. Look after yourself and each other, let’s flatten the curve!