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Camping with the dog on special camping spots in Great-Britain.

A trip through Great-Britain with the dog? These hosts are offering special camping spots in their own backyard. Enjoy nature and go for a walk on the open fields of Great-Britain.

Peaceful and nice camping with your dog in Great Britain Imagine discovering nature together with your dog, in a super large hilly area. So that he or she has all the space to run around and have fun. You and your dog in a new environment, one that not only offers a lot of space, but also has a lot to offer. For example the English fishing villages or the large rocks along the coast of Great Britain. Many beautiful things to discover!

Camping with the dog

In the United Kingdom, the Pittbull, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino and Fila Brasileiro are unfortunately not welcome. Purebred dogs and their crosses. If you have a different breed than this small list, you are welcome to come and enjoy camping in the country. Some hosts even love it when you bring your dog, so their dog has a friend.

Your stay

Find out where you will be staying. Nice and luxurious accommodation that is all set up for you, something back to basics in a tent or bring your own caravan or camper. Wherever you stay, nature is everywhere. Maybe you can even visit several in a week (end) and go on a road trip. This way you get even more of the English culture and you see a lot.

Campspace and the hosts not only offer special camping spots in Great Britain, but also in other countries in Europe, where you can bring your dog.

Camping with your pet in the Netherlands

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