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Camping off the grid in Belgium on special camping spots.

Camping off the grid in Belgium on special camping spots.

Camping in Belgium on special camping spots? Try out wild camping at one of our hosts private terrain. Let yourself be surprised by this new way of camping. Being received by one of our hosts in the backyard,

Camping off the grid in Belgium on special camping spots.

If you really want to escape from everyday life, wild camping is one of the best ways to completely seclude yourself. Unfortunately in Belgium, it is forbidden to go wild camping in the woods or meadows. Fortunately, there are also other ways to recreate this feeling of wild camping. So are you ready for a weekend of wild camping? Then try one of these camping spots with local people on their land. These hosts often have a large piece of land at their disposal that is suitable for completely isolate yourself and enjoy the nature surrounding you.

Wild camping in Belgium, it is possible

These mini camping spots are often remote and offer the possibility to completely isolate yourself. Yet these places also give the protection that it is owned by a host who always got your back when you need something. Camping pitches on private land is a new way of camping that offers the opportunity to discover unique environments that you would otherwise never visit.

Pay close attention to yourself and nature

It is important during 'wild camping' that you have respect for yourself and the nature around you. Is it too cold? Too wet? Or if you don't feel comfortable, don't stay overnight and try to find a more suitable place. Are you tough enough to spend one or more nights with few facilities, then don't forget to respect nature around your camping spot? Always ask the host if making a campfire is allowed. Do not leave trash lying around and be careful with fire. The general rule for wild camping is money. Leave no trace and above all, enjoy! Are you curious about other camping spots that simulate wild camping? 

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 Campspace and the hosts offer unique camping spots on the private property of one of the hosts. Check out what the Belgian hosts have to offer, discover wild camping, and go on an adventure.

Are you looking for something different than wild camping in Belgium? Is camping with the camper something for you? Start a unique outdoor adventure. 

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