Camping in the mountains

Looking for something different than the flat landscape of the Netherlands? Then this page will be perfect for you. Nothing but minicampings in the mountains.

Do you have a mountain of work laying around and are you finally ready for some rest? Take a holiday trip in the mountains and discover how much peace and privacy a mini campsite can give you. The experience is very special. You feel small in such a large mountain environment, which makes it even more fun than it already is. It feels like an adventure in nature.

Besides offering spectacular views, mountains also make the activities a little bit more challenging. It makes hiking, mountain climbing, and cycling, mountain biking. In addition, the weather can vary greatly in day and night. In short, the mountains make the stay a lot more active, but at the same time more peaceful. The space, nature and the quiet wind really give you a feeling of peace and privacy.

Camping Tips for in the mountains

Are you already looking forward to a holiday in the mountains? We do have a few more tips to help you with your trip:

  • It is often cold in the evening, but in the afternoon the sun is very bright again. So bring warm clothes, but also long thin clothes. That way you burn less quickly. Shade also helps with this, of course.
  • The ground can be a bit too firm for your herring in the mountains. Therefore bring rock pegs for safety.
  • The cold comes from the ground, so bring a thick sleeping mat. An extra blanket also works wonders.
  • Bring good shoes more so you can hike through the mountains.

The hosts can certainly help you if you need something or are looking for a fun daytime activity. They probably also know where the best restaurants are. Are you looking for something more the flat countries in the Netherlands or a Campspace where you can take your pet?

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