Balconia – Staycation on your Balcony

How’s life in the city? Is the air starting to feel a little stuffy inside? Do you miss the feeling of the sun on your skin and the songs of the birds?

Why not take a little trip to Balconia? Turn your balcony into a little piece of paradise, that you can retreat to when the inside world gets too much.

You don’t need a lot of space to enjoy the outside! But make sure you do a balcony spring clean before you start your staycation. You don’t want to be looking at plants that did not make it through the winter.

Set up a parasol (or, if you live in the Netherlands, protection against the wind) and put down a rug!

Now you can travel to Balconia for breakfast and during your lunch break. Breathe in the fresh air for a while and pretend you are out camping somewhere in the wilderness. For a full staycation feeling, get out your sunglasses and make yourself your favorite drink.

Are you missing a specific country or region? Decorate your space with things that remind you of it. Think of nice plants or put accessories on the wall.

Still feeling restless? Think of an activity you could do while you’re out on Balconia.

  • Why not learn a new language while you’re out there?
  • Plant some seeds! Unsure what to plant now? Just go for flowers
  • If you have the space, create a private workout area
  • Get out a canvas and paint the views of Balconia
  • Move your favorite chair outside and read a new book
  • And (if there is no hazard of rolling off during the night) why not sleep outside for a change

Hopefully these tips will inspire you to build your personal Balconia, where you can escape to when things get rough.