Accommodation arranged

Don't want to bring your own tent? No problem! We have plenty of places where you don't have to. Have a special experience by sleeping in a yurt, pipo wagon or little cabin. From basic to luxurious, there's plenty to choose from!

Really up for the weekend full of relaxation, but is it always stressful to get all your bags set and ready? Because who knows, you might forget your pillow and sleep on an improvised pillow made of clothes or your bag. That won't be an issue at these luxurious accommodations which already are completely set up for you. You don't have to bring a tent or sleeping bag at all to enjoy camping. No stress, no fuss, no rush, just relax and disconnect yourself from the world.

Accommodation with all the trimmings

Everything you need is already there, except for your clothes and food of course. And with the food you can go big and eat it at a restaurant or pick it up or cook it yourself in your cabin or outside on the BBQ. It always feels special to eat in a completely different place than you are used to. It's extra cozy in a yurt or a tree house! You have enough time to sit and enjoy, but you can also look up activities in the area. Go canoeing or kayaking together, swim in a beautiful lake or just take a walk through nature. Choose what your daytime activities will be, there is enough time to think and argue about that!

Location accommodation

The word accommodation means so much more than just lodging. It is where you come back to completely unwind, it is a place where you feel at home. And that place can be anywhere. For example, choose a Campspace between the mountains or a camping spot along the water in a small cabin. Or in a yurt in the middle of a meadow with Alpacas. Discover above what kind of accommodation suits you!

If you cannot find a suitable place above, we also have Campspaces where you can take your dog, or a place where you have to bring your own tent and completely private and secluded can unwind, together or alone!

Find your sustainable getaway

Up to 95% CO2 reduction if you book a campspace adventure. Learn more

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