About Campspace

The birth of the very first Campspace idea came from Alexander, one of the founders of Campspace. 

"On our way to Kings Canyon, again searching for a nice and safe place to park our Campervan, we decided to put the idea to the test. We rang the bell of what turned out to be Beth and Jack’s house and asked them if they would allow us to stay for a night. To our surprise we were immediately welcomed with open arms. They even helped us park in a way to catch the best possible sunrise before we would head out early in the morning."

Read the whole story about the beginning of Campspace in our blog.

Although traditional camping may have lost its cool factor, the reason why camping is so great remains the same. It's about being outside, away from everyday life. The smell of nature, waking up with the sun on your tent. A moment away from your phone... It is as true as it was decades ago.

At Campspace, we are dedicated to delivering a new camping experience: camp with locals. On our platform, anyone that owns a bit of outdoor space can list a Campspace. The result is a small and exciting local camping experience. 

We truly believe that the easier and more fun we make it for people to go on a camping trip, the sooner they'll go. That's why we've made it one of our goals to simplify the camping experience with a user friendly platform. There can always be things better so if you have feedback it is always welcome. 

If you have any questions or suggestions, if you feel like joining our international team, diving into a joint PR adventure, or would just like to say “hi”, feel free to give us a shout at hello@campspace.com.

Campspace has already received a lot of attention in the media (mostly written in Dutch). 

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