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The best small campsites in Drenthe

Drenthe is a place of great history in the Netherlands. It is known for its dolmens and beautiful nature reserves. Something that often occurs in Drenthe is camping on a farm. So you will find plenty of nice small campings in the heart of nature.

Small farmer campings

Camp at a small campings, set up your tent in the farmer's meadows, sleep in a cabin in a forest or hang your hammock in a cool backyard at a local host. Just like in the surrounding provinces such as Groningen and Overijssel, one thing is for sure in Drenthe. A camping trip back to nature on a small campsite is amazing.

Back to nature small campsites

If you stay on one of our small campsites in Drenthe you can go sheep herding, walking, cycling, visit dolmens or go to the high tree path to look for squirrels. Everything to relax and enjoy the beautiful nature.