Camping off-the-grid in Great-Britain on special camping spots.

Wild camping through whole Great-Britain on a different way than normal? Camping on meadows and for example on the beach. Discover a new way of camping on the private terrain of one of our hosts.

Are you looking for off-the-grid campings in different countries? We selected for you off-the-grid campings in the Netherlands, Belgium and France for you. Looking for great off-the-grid campings in Great-Britain? Take a look down below. 

Campspace and the hosts are offering camping spots in hosts backyards. Look up where you want to camp off the grid in Great-Britain and discover your own Campspace experience.

Are you looking for something different than camping off the grid in Great-Britain? We also have special camping spots where children will also have a great time. Find your off the grid get away down below.