Camping on special camping spots off the grid

Want to deviate from the standard camping? Try wild camping, surround yourself by nature and relax. No distractions from the noisy roads or the busy people. These special camping spots are all about freedom and nature. Let yourself surprise by what nature can do with you.

On the Campspace website you will find camping spots in the woods, meadows or next to the beach. Even though you sleep on private property, you still have the feeling that you are camping in the wild. Find some small off the grid camping places in:

Off the grid camping in the Netherlands
Off the grid camping in Belgium
Off the grid camping in France
Off the grid camping in Great-Britain

Campspace and the hosts are offering special camping spots. Are you looking for something else like camping with the camper? Not a problem at all. Campspace would love to help you find your perfect mini-camping.