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The best small campsites in France

Freshly baked baguettes and warm croissants form the base for a great adventure. France is known for being a fantastic country to go camping. The beautiful landscapes, the pleasant climate and the delicious French cuisine are a guarantee of enjoyment. 

Small campsites from Alsace to the Côte d'Azur

Do you want to taste the most famous wines from France? You can look for a micro camping in Nouvelle Aquitaine. Escape the daily life? The coast is a good place to find rust.  Go on a voyage of discovery to all historical villages, towns, churches, and castles. Or go hiking, climbing, cycling or kayaking in the beautiful nature. 

‘Glamping’ or ‘Bamping’: choose your type of small campsite

Whether you are looking for ‘glamping’ or bamping’, in France it is possible. From transparent bubble tents and fully equipped tree houses to inexpensive camping in the French Alps. And it does not matter what you choose, the environment is always beautiful.