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Is it hard for you to sit and do nothing on holiday? You don't have to! For active and adventurous campers whom love going back to basic there are a lot of undiscovered camping spots.

Micro campsites Belgium

Small adventures are waiting for you. You don't have to travel far to step out of your daily routine and reconnect with nature again. Visiting a campspace is contact-free. In this way, we all support the local economy and limit our footprint.

Budget friendly camping in the Netherlands

A nice getaway, but budget friendly. That's totally okay! Choose a way of camping that will fit your wallet. There are some special low budget mini campings in the Netherlands.

Quiet Campsites

Are you looking for quiet campsites? Recharge, reconnect outside and book one of our campspaces for the next few weekends!

Glamping in the middle of nature

Luxury camping. How does that sound? Glamping is glamorous camping combining sustainable traveling, nature, comfort, and camping!


Small campsites in Germany

Browse our selection of cosy, small campsites in Germany. Travel at your leisure this weekend and enjoy German nature and personal contact with friendly hosts!

Amazing camping spots in Great Britain

Britain is huge. Lots of nature and culture to be found and experienced. We've made a list on this page just for you, to help you on your adventure through Britain.

Find your sustainable getaway

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