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Camping in the East of The Netherlands

Visit the biggest nature reserve of the Netherlands and go for a walk. The east of the Netherlands is one of the most beautiful places to set up your camp.

Camping in the west of The Netherlands

The west of the Netherlands, better known as the Randstad, is the most urban region in the Netherlands. But between the busy cities, you can find the most beautiful nature and quietness. A great place to recharge.

Camping in the south of The Netherlands

The south of The Netherlands is separated from the rest of the country by the river the Rijn. In this part of the Netherlands, you will find unique nature and quietness and is therefore the best place to recharge and camp.

Campsites Europe

Looking for campsites in Europe? Below is a long list of campspaces to choose from.


Escape the city and return to nature

Since we are in our houses more than ever, it can sometimes be nice to stretch our legs and get some fresh air in nature. Fortunately, this can be done safely.

Camping off the Grid

Looking to go camping off the grid? Below are campsites where you can both be safe but also escape the city stress, and go deep into nature where only you, your friends, and our hosts are.


Micro camping in the Netherlands

There are beautiful spots in the Netherlands. You don't have to get a plane for that, do you? Are you ready for your next outdoor adventure?


Is it hard for you to sit and do nothing on holiday? You don't have to! For active and adventurous campers whom love going back to basic there are a lot of undiscovered camping spots.

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